Computer History and Simulation Links

This set of links is not intended to be complete. For more information, search Google with queries "computer collection", "computer museum", "emulators", or "retrocomputing".

Online Computer Collections

Carl Friend's Minicomputer Museum - Data General Nova and Eclipse; DEC PDP-8, PDP-11, PDP-12,  and LINC-8; Interdata 4; Packard Bell 250; and more

Jay Jaeger's Computer Collection - Data General Nova and Eclipse; DEC PDP-8, PDP-11, and PDP-12; HP 2112B; IBM 1410; and more

Paul Pierce's Computer Collection - Data General SuperNova; DEC PDP-8 and PDP-11; IBM 709, 7094, and 1401; and more

The Cray-Cyber Project - CDC and Cray supercomputers, with online access

Online Documentation and Software Archives

Al Kossow's Minicomputer Orphanage - Xerox, Honeywell 316/516, Varian 620, TI 990, Nanodata QM-1, Ridge 32, DEC, DG, and more - the PDF document collection is here

Tim Shoppa's Trailing Edge - PDP-10 and PDP-11 software archive

David Gesswein's - PDP-8 documentation and software archive

John Wilson's Dbit archive - PDP's, Alpha, IBM 370, and more

Zane Healy's DEC Emulation website

Eric S Raymond's Retrocomputing Museum

Computer and Software Information Pages

Gordon Greene's PDP-1 pages

Tom Knight's PDP-6 pages

Doug Jones' PDP-8 pages

Hans Pufal's PDP-9 pages

Joe Smith's PDP-10 pages

Bruce Ray's Nova pages

Jeff Moffatt's HP 21xx pages

Bob Mader's Project Delta (RSTS/E) pages

Brian Knittel's IBM 1130 pages

Peter Schorn's CP/M pages

Mike Umbricht's H316 pages

Other Simulators

Bill Haygood's simulator for the PDP-8

Doug Jones' simulator for the PDP-8

John Wilson's simulator for the PDP-11

Tarik Isani's simulator for the Pro/350

The Hercules simulator for the IBM S/370, ESA/390, and Z/Architecture

Tom Hunter's simulator for the CDC 6600

Peter Ingerman's simulator for the Univac I and II

Ron Burkey's simulator for the Apollo Guidance Computer

Computer Museums

The Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island, Providence, Rhode Island

The Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California

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