HP 2100 Simulator Configuration

Introduced in the late 1960's by Hewlett-Packard Corporation, the HP 2100 series was one of the mostly widely used real-time minicomputers. Among the models in this series were


Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory HP 2116, 2100, or 21MX 4KW - 32KW (1024KW on 21MX)
   2116 options extended arithmetic
   2100 options floating point, memory protection, IOP
   21MX options memory protection, DMS
Console 12631A ASR-33 Teletype
Paper tape 12597A reader and punch
Real time clock         12539A/B/C time base generator
Line printers 12653A line printer
12845B line printer
Terminal multiplexor 12920A terminal multiplexor 16 lines
Disk 12557A/13210A cartridge disk 1.25/2.5MW
12565A disk pack 11.95MW
12606A/12610A fixed head disk/drum 0.18MW - 1.54MW
Magnetic tape 12559C 9 track magnetic tape
13181A/13183A 9 track magnetic tape
Network 12556B interprocessor link for Access

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